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FROM DUMB ASSHOLE TO COOL MAN: A MATURING OF UNIFIEDCHUNK i first joined my senior year in high school.  i matured a little but was still a pathetic, depressed person looking for validation.  i wasn’t finding it in my school so i looked online.  i managed to find somehow.  i can’t even remember if i even fit in well then, but i seemed to manage there.  i tried to fit in to  ultimately, i think i failed.

looking back, i would say that my skin was too thin.  i couldn’t roll with the punches and, to put it in youtuber terms, i was cringey.  i felt like i wasn’t fitting in so i self-sabotaged myself, embarrassing myself at every turn.  at one point, i was even banned for a month.  my bitterness made me think it was some cool kids’ table, but i was just some dumbass kid annoying everyone.

i got out of the dump scene for a while.  i studied filmmaking in durham, north carolina.  i matured a great deal and living in durham made me think about my own bullshit.  my own neurosis.  anxieties and scars from failed relationship (one of which was emotionally abusive by a woman much older than me but that’s for another time).  it gave me a great amount of self-awareness.

i kept in contact with some of the dump people.  waves being a big one.  kintrala, while we don’t really talk or anything, i’m still happy to be in contact with her.  i was invited to join the dampfam facebook group for old dump users, since shut down for some reason.  i was happy to see that i was invited to this group; that they still remembered me and wanted me there.

much later, i joined bogchat.  i was able to restart in a way.  instead of unifiedchunk, i am now simply “chunk.”  i felt like i was able to gel better within this community, even though it’s more or less the same as before.  i now have a sense of humor.  i’m able to roll with the punches and am now able to laugh at the asshole i was in dump.

i don’t know if any of this sounds genuine or if i just made myself sound like a total robot person, but i really am happy to be part of bog now.  i feel like i’m already making some good friends here and i hope to continue being a part of this great community…unless i have another nervous breakdown and post an image of my dick to bog in order to get laughs.


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