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bogsgiving winner 2018: lang

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I miss you bog  

now I have to misbehave somewhere else online

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RIP BOG there is a bog-shaped hole in my heart. you will be missed~  

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a drawing by cheseball of an image found on artsonia

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MTHW BOG PORTRAITS GALLERY SHOW Incredible work from Bog user mthw!


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! ! NeW BoG CHaT SeArCH CoMmAnDz ! !

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DJ takes an initiative

news so called DJ shoots back at RA press photo shoot

reporters report that a fairly unkown dj called "dj shluchT" - in other news he was labeled worldstar shoots back at the official press photoshoot of the 24hrs Resident Advisor networking event  

as pictured above the fun was one sided  

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Bog Book Club Coming Soon!!
Bog book club is about to start. If you'd like to have some influence in what book we read first join us at in the book-gang channel

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