<+ffog> i took a picture once of a woman sitting at a booth alone with a salad from the salad bar and her face in her hands

<+fanfare> has there ever been a liquid storage medium
<+nill> cum

<+rackem> its getting harder to play the noscript game of 'which domain shows me the content?'

<+duxx> lets compare cramps later

<+redguts> i feel like my 2nd cup of coffee just makes me feel tired

<+fanfare> dude i think scott adams posts on pol
<+fanfare> the dilbert person
<+rubycalab> that is LITERALLY me fanfare

<+noisia> harry's razors & delsym subscription service

<+fanfare> how do you debug dll memory errors
<+ffog> have you tried border-radius: orange

<+bhelx> he has that very gentle look of a pedo without the creepiness

<+ffog> its kinda scary, those badges are real, if a geek squad officer comes to your house they can FUCK your life over for real

<+thorns> he cured my bi-polar fanfare

<Samantha> i want crisis actors at my wedding

<+bhelx> is this why dominos needs at minimum two employees to get the ingredients?

<nill> hello
<rackem> think you can just waltz back in here

<+rackem> i need your assurances there are no worms on this page nor when i click the button

<tasukete> i'd like a grilled tae taco

<+fanfare> u and ur mom look so cute
<+fanfare> together
<+yvonne> gross

<+taehyung> cake is slang fot butt

<+nill> \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
<+nill> \
<+dvvid> //////////////////////////////////
<+dvvid> /
<+nill> oops lol

<+tommoody> there once was a player named Tennys
<+tommoody> who's style on the court was to menace
<+tommoody> he smashed down a serve
<+tommoody> with incredible verve
<+tommoody> and then backhanded his foe with his pennys