The Fanfare Radio Show

By fanfare for the Jollo IRC Network.

dateshow infolink
2015/12/28gas station mcnuggets and chicken bryandownload mp3
2015/12/25michiu kaku joins the frsdownload mp3
2015/11/23adventure twins segment with fanfare and triggerdownload mp3
2015/11/22frs returns with a celebratory reading of a tommoody vs cheseball chatdownload mp3
2015/08/13 fanfare and duxx visit popeyes and wait in line for what seems like forever download mp3
2015/08/12 return of frs after check delay hiatus download mp3
2015/08/06pre GOP debate special & kiny's taco truck phone calldownload mp3
2015/08/05pre pre GOP debate special.. complaints about stiff neckdownload mp3
2015/08/02the outback steakhouse show.. feat. redguts' traffic reportdownload mp3
2015/07/31sally ventures reminder.. entire day spent flea bombing and cleaning beezeldownload mp3
2015/07/29windows 10 roundupdownload mp3
2015/07/28flea and plinko update.. bamboo BTFO phone calldownload mp3
2015/07/24flea and plinko operadownload mp3
2015/07/23thisket memorial show.. great story about Christian World churchdownload mp3
2015/07/22the shah beezel radio showdownload mp3
2015/07/21very normal show.. rant about tumblr media.tumblr dns addresses.. plinko soundsdownload mp3
2015/07/18duxx stops in to visit while high on advil pm.. featuring some bamboo and tommoody musicdownload mp3
2015/07/16TMP BTFO shoutout and litecoin psychic prediction servicesdownload mp3
2015/07/15duxx expresses outrage at the plinkos in the mp3
2015/07/14disgusting crunchwrap AP breakfast.. ffog reports from the roaddownload mp3
2015/07/13fanfare's first show with new voice recorder.. back from gulf shores.. duxx and fanfare give special report on race.. duxx goes off on cultural appropriationdownload mp3
2015/07/10bird bans kinydownload mp3
2015/07/09all of bhelx's friends call him updownload mp3
2015/07/08second half of random number specialdownload mp3
2015/07/07fanfare stops by redguts' apartment.. rackem gives insight on random numbersdownload mp3
2015/07/06first half of random number specialdownload mp3
2015/07/04duxx and fanfare go to chick fil adownload mp3
2015/07/02fanfare stressed out about frs.. 'rackem' reports from prison feat bhelxdownload mp3
2015/07/01public radio format show.. feat rackem rant on NSA/FISA courtdownload mp3
2015/06/30nonstop rambling.. realization of 'tonal'download mp3
2015/06/29special ffog birthday edition of the fanfare show.. feat facebook 'like' skitdownload mp3
2015/06/26george rivet pops in to talk about confederate flag being banneddownload mp3
2015/06/24fanfare drives by anti bobby jindal rallydownload mp3
2015/06/23george rivet trashes bobby jindal.. feat kendal gaveckdownload mp3
2015/06/22special downloadble zip show featuring really gross mcdonalds jalapeno burger plus some of ffog's favorite iconsdownload mp3
2015/06/20special tom moody interview by bamboo in NYCdownload zip
2015/06/19fanfare confronts kiny's colorcodesdownload mp3

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