Schluhdogwig Uchtamar

new mixtape called civilization via the cologne based tape label spam

call 0049/1632157138 to get a copy ... →→→→→ limited edition of 20 copies

two posters

opening hours

new mix out via primitive languages, live recording from spring 2018 at elsewhere/nyc
"I used to sleep under rocks"

: )

a dj s nature is calling ... - we won´t answer the phone.

update update update experimenting with a raspberry pi server -↓

migrated some things here be careful it's not secure ...



Mix by DJ Shlucht x Vid by Mandysezz

eine nervtötende geräumigkeit

more info can be found...░ _________here

released via staaltape

started making radio shows for CASHMERE RADIO ->->->

part of compilation #III by Party mit Musik

DJ ShluchT-Dark Films that Eyes See at Night via
Stenze Quo

Spears-Utilitarian Outlook via MORE RECORDS

new release by helmut lampshade via

________________ ☺⟶ ⏵♫ DJ Shlucht Saskia Kuschel mixtape excerpt