my software projects
bogchatAfter the image-based chat site went offline in early 2017, a temporary chat site was frantically put together and deployed the very same day, serving as a temporary haven for users. With no hope in sight of coming back online, the site remained online, and slowly evolved into 'bogchat' over the next year or so, 'bog' being a natural extension of Jollo's wildlife mythos. The site contained a number of bog 'modules' that are either permanent, temporary, or seasonal.2017-2019
estuarya bogchat module that allows multi-user group browsing. Once you start up a session, you can navigate to different sites, and other people can 'join in' to the browsing session from their browser, and everyone sees the same thing at the same time.2019
peachbogchat features a virtual TekTone 7900 beeper, which is hooked up to's API, so bog users can send a text to the beeper, and it will appear on the device on the screen. On the reverse side of the beeper is an interface called Peach, which serves as an authentication mechanism for a user's bog bins.2018
burrowAn ASCII z-depth world --- explore inward, finding hidden spaces and leaving messages for others to find. The controls are in the source of the page.2018
chapelthe name given to a feature introduced to bog some time in 2017. Every day at 4:11:30pm central, bog begins playing the sound of cathedral bells until 4:15, when the site turns grey and no one can use the site. It re-opens at 4:30pm with the history of the chat cleared.2017
breakaparta bogchat helper function that listens for specific keyboard gestures, and triggers a payload once detected. Specifically, when a user has an input field selected, and their fingers press the keys FJDKSLA in rapid succession, an event is triggered -- in the case of bogchat, the day's most favorited posts are displayed.2017
jibberJibber is an IRC-based multi-user HTML text editor and blogging platform. This, and all other pages on Jollo's server in the /LNT/ directory, were created with Jibber.2016-Present
sallysally is a channel on Jollo where plinko listens for mIRC color codes (sallies). When a new sally is posted, plinko converts it to a bitmap image, and displays it live on the web. Sally users can control which of their sallies are viewable through a special control panel. These are some of the sallies I have made.2015
literatiSome time around October of 2000, Yahoo! introduced a new board game to its Games section: Literati. It was like the board game Scrabble, although it had its own take on each one of Scrabble's rules. It was a lot of fun, and lasted until Yahoo suddenly closed their games section in 2014. I missed being able to play it, so I re-wrote it as a mIRC colorcode version, playable over IRC.2015

most of the recent projects on this page were built on top of NodeJS and MySQL. the IRC-based projects were written entirely in mIRCscript and use PHP for the web-facing components.
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some other things
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