here are some cool links from around the web
inhalereally good ambient, dark music, i liked playing this in the background while playing doom II with daniel
alise spinellaan artist based in los angeles, california, i encountered a mixed media (vinyl/acrylic, i believe) painting of hers in the registrar's office at risd and was an instant fan
dvvid watsonan artist based in columbus, ohio, with a very fun drawing style, doing all sorts of interesting, highly detailed things with mixed media on paper
thomas bangstedan photographer based in new york, whose work i think  is particularly influential to my posts on newbuery
helena gabrielssonartist and musician from sweden, first encountered her work through her music when she went by cake on cake
laurel schwulstmakes the internet beautiful through her design company, beautiful company
joel's iconsan icon collection by joel cook, an artist based in houston, texas. this page is worth exploring in detail, particularly noteworthy: the use of very large images as icons
andrej ujhazyan artist from stockholm making atmospheric paintings and other intricate drawings with his computer
houstonwebsite of matt clark, a seattle-based artist creating work under the name Houston, his website has been a favorite of mine for as long as i can remember
katie bellan artist based in nyc
hyo myoung kimartist from seoul living in the UK
kevin bewersdorfartist, writer, actor and musician of the internet
krzysztof marczakartist and software developer, he is the creator of mandelbulber2, incredibly powerful fractal creation software.
mike francisartist working in 2d and 3d, i like his work a lot -- check out his instagram
alix volluman artist, check out her peach ring
robert loraynan artist from the internet, layers upon layers of depth to discover, matryoshka-esque
guthrie lonerganan artist based in los angeles, california, be sure to check out all of his music videos from 2012
benjamin phelanan artist based in brooklyn, ny, creating beautiful forms out of styrofoam
tom moodyan artist, musician and blogger based in new york, tom has been integral to my appreciation of all things low-tech