some colorcode tools
Here are some nice colorcode editors that you can use to make mIRC-style colorcodes and ascii art, which can be pasted into #sally using your favorite IRC client. No need to worry about getting kicked for flooding because Jollo supports massive walls of colorcode text without flood limits. Just be respectful and not interrupt while others are posting their colorcodes (if theyre playing back a colorcode from a text file, for example). Be creative and have fun!
for more help with colorcodes.. check the colorcode FAQ
Ascii Pumper (download)
Ascii Pumper is a very powerful colorcode drawing program with a ton of useful features. It is simliar to eyeRC in that you can get started making color codes right away without any know-how, but this program far more feature-rich. It is great for users with 3-button or wheel-button mice, as the middle button can be linked to an additional color, giving you three drawing colors to work with at once. Colors are seperated into 'foreground' (text) and 'background' (solid pixels) -- clicking the 'foreground' checkbox will only colorize text when you draw with it on, wheras if it is unchecked, it will draw solid 1 character 'pixels' as normal. Each mouse button can be set to either draw only the foreground color, or the background color. It can be a bit tricky at first, but you will soon get the hang of it. Canvas sizes can be extra wide, which is great for creating wide-screen colorcodes.

EyeRC (download)
eyeRC is a simple, easy to use program that lets you quickly create images and generate corresponding color codes that can be pasted into mIRC. eyeRC's colorcodes have a distinctive, block-y style, due to its pencil/brush size being fixed at 2 characters per 'pixel' and a maximum canvas size of 32x32. eyeRC's features include a pencil tool, a fill bucket, the ability to select a foreground/background color (which can be triggered with left/mouse buttons) and undo/redo.

JavE 5.0 (download) Project homepage:
JavE is not really a 'color code' tool per se, but it is simply the most powerful text-based ascii editor I have tried. It's features are too numerous to list here, but it is particularly excellent for creating custom brush and fill patterns. Moreover, drawings created with JavE can be imported (as text files) into color-based programs like Ascii Pumper, inviting creative possibilities. JavE's website has lots of information about what it can do and is worth a look.

ULTed (download) Project homepage:
An ancient ascii tool that produces mIRC-compatible colored text. Extremely limited in capacity, but can be quite useful if you're wanting to think outside the realm of drawing with a mouse and be forced to see what you can come up with using text alone.