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Information on encoding with Pitahaya
Download First, install node.js and ffmpeg. Then install Pitahaya via
npm install -g pitahaya
Or get the source.
Once you have the pitahaya node.js script installed, you can use it to encode different types of media into 'scrambled' pitahaya video. The scrambled video can be live streamed in real time to a third party streaming site like YouTube, Twitch, etc. A viewer can then decode the video directly in the browser to play back the media using a bookmarklet. Alternatively, the node.js script can also be used to decode scrambled videos.

Pitahaya can be used to live stream the following media types: (click the links for specific encoding instructions)
media typeaudio qualityoutgoing bandwidthencryptionbookmarklet support
audio128 kbps mp3 (good quality)900 kbpsoptionalyes
video112 kbps aac (low quality)1900 kbpsoptionalyes
For additional data transmission modes, see the additional modes page.

The latest version of Pitahaya is 0.3
Page last updated January 26, 2023 by fanfare.