Jibber Commands

This is a general overview to all of the commands available in Jibber. A much more detailed guide can be found within Jibber using the !help command.  To find more information about a particular command, log into jibber via plinko by typing !jibber and then type !help !command where 'command' is the command name.. e.g. !help !saveas .

Console Management

!jibberopens jibber
!quitquits jibber
!helpopens help menu
!aboutinformation about jibber

File/Folder Management

!newcreates a new document
!openopens an existing document
!savesaves current document
!saveassaves document with a custom filename
!mkdircreates a new subdirectory
!mydirlists all of your files
!deletedeletes a specific file

Document Formatting

!titlesets html head title of the document
!headercreates optional header for the document
!styleadds style theme to the current page
!clearclears current document
!undoreverts last change made to the document
!<same as !undo
!clipshow status of all of your clipboards
!copycopies partial or entire document to a clipboard
!pastepastes content from a clipboard to a specific point in the document

Document Reviewing

!~display contents of the current file
!~~display contents of a specific line in the current file

Document Publishing

!publishpreview or publish document to the web
!unpublishtake published html document offline

Authorization Mechanisms

!xauthfolder access control
!oauthfile access control

String Formatting

!xdelete a line and optionally replace with new text
!^insert a new line of content into the document
!eetightly append content to the end of a line
!eloosely append content to the end of a line
!bbtightly prepend content to the beginning of a line
!bloosely prepend content to the beginning of a line
!:search for and replace text
!|split a line


!jabinsert content into a document via plinko from anywhere on Jollo
!jabberset a point in the document where it can be written to via !jab
!removejabberremove a jabber in the current document
!myjabberslist all of your jabbers
!locklock current file to make jabbable
!unlockunlock locked file to make writable


!blabberinsert a blabber (pagination) into a document
!blabpublish your document into a document containing a blabber


!help jibberishguide to Jibber's markdown-like html shorthand

This page was last updated September 20, 2015.