Parlour Games
Pull up a chair and enjoy your favorite Parlour Game with all your friends on the Jollo IRC Network. Jollo is proud to present a lively game room built right into Plinko, where players can enjoy full color board games right from IRC. Parlour games attempts to replicate the now-defunct Yahoo Games 'lobby' platform, allowing registered Plinko users to create and join 'tables' where other users can join and play multi-player games.
Entering the Lobby After logging onto plinko, tell plinko:

..and you now have an overview of the lobby and any tables that might be set up. In the example above, there aren't any tables in use.. only some sleeping snakes.. z__
Available Games
gamescreenshotmax # players
LITERATI5 players
CHESS2 players

Creating a Table To set up a table, tell plinko to create a table as shown below:
Create literati table for 2 players

..plinko sets up a table (as you can see in the above example) and will automatically forcejoin you into a new room where Plinko and panko (plinko's little sister and helper) are waiting for you.