colorcode FAQs

>>how do i make colorcodes?
you can create colorcode drawings using irc colorcode tools, such as the ones provided on the tools page .
>>how do i paste my colorcode onto sally?
the procedure depends on what irc client you are using. if you are using windows, and using mIRC, you can simply 'export' the colorcode from any colorcode tool to the clipboard. once its on the clipboard, go to mirc, and where you normally would type, press ctrl-v to paste. then hit enter and it will paste it to the chatroom. if you are using IRSSI - try using the asdf tool to create colorcodes.. and click 'save' then make sure 'irssi' is selected. copy the entire block of code in the box and then paste it into your irssi terminal where you normally type.
>>why is my colorcode all messed up when i paste it?
there are a couple of reasons why you might end up with a mangled colorcode.. aka a 'barfi' . the most common reason is that one of the lines of text in your colorcode is too long. try and aim for a maxium of around 350 characters per line to prevent black bars from appearing in your drawing. alternating foreground and background colored blocks back and forth is a common culprit of this type of barfi. if you see a slew of \u0280 type looking characters in your drawing after you paste it, there is an issue with the way your client is processing unicode characters. note that /sally/ doesn't support extended ASCII and will try to replace out-of-bounds characters with an 'x' .
>>why does my colorcode paste sooo sloowwww??
you have flood protection enabled on your client, and possibly on your bouncer, if you are conneted to IRC through a bouncer. if you are using WINDOWS/mIRC .. press alt-o and choose IRC > Flood on the left side panel and then de-check 'enable flood protection' . Click OK. if you are using IRSSI.. follow the instructions on the IRSSI help guide If you are STILL having trouble with your colorcodes being pasted slowly.. ask for help in #sally.
>>i made some drawings before registering with plinko.. are those drawings lost?
no. they are being held in your rubbish baskette . register and/or log into plinko by typing /query plinko login ..and then create a new colorcode. your sally page will then be generated. then type /query plinko scavenge and it will generate a url for you to sift through all the colorcodes you created before you registered.
>>why didnt my drawing show up on my sally page?
you weren't logged into plinko when you pasted your colorcode drawing into #sally. log into plinko and then they will appear on your sally page. no need to paste it again if you forgot to log in.. just type /query plinko scavenge to generate a url where you can sift through all of the drawings you created when you were logged out. from there you can recover individual sallies by typing /query plinko recover <sallyid>