dear sally : it is a Dear Sally day

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dear sally : I am v sleepy and Bamboo wont stop doing work this is called life or something

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dear sally : I miss Tacobell a lot sometimes. He was the cutest / best doge

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dear sally : It is really awesome that Berlin is a great place to live

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dear sally : when will I stop sounding so Aspie

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dear sally : I wonder if you also work in other Jollo rools

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dear sally : drunkie bamboo is LEL

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dear sally : I really like the snapshots that fanfare sometimes posts of duxx's awesome sculptures

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dear sally : my eye is twitching sometimes LOL

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dear sally : I made some snacks today I really love feeling Bamboo cool foods

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dear sally : I really love making color codes I hope more ppl on #sally feel inspired and draw some shit instead of talking all day

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dear sally : what is the meaning of a lot of stuff i dont know?

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