Welcome to the Jollo IRC Network.

by yvonne

You can connect to our IRC server via irc.jollo.org using SSL on port 9999. If you are new to Jollo and/or IRC, we can help you get up and running quickly. Are you using Windows or Mac/Linux?

After you have connected to Jollo, stop by #sally and start posting some colorcodes aka 'sallies'  . Here are a number of IRC colorcode drawing tools for you to explore.

When you create a drawing in #sally.. it will automatically be posted to http://jollo.org/sally for everyone to see. Also, you can also register with 'plinko' .. a friendly opossum that lurks in #sally. Once you register, you will be given your own special sally page as well as some other special surprises. Register with plinko by typing /query plinko register into your IRC client while connected to Jollo.

An overview of the web pages contained on this server can be found on the sitemap. Detailed information about the Jollo IRC Network can be found on the documentation sitemap.
If you have any questions feel free to ask for help in #sally. Enjoy your stay :o)